“Meigs Falls” 11×14 Metalprint

$125.00 plus tax.

Meigs Falls near Townsend, Tennessee.


Off the Little River Road which leads from Townsend to Gatlinburg, Tennessee, lies Meigs Falls. Easy to miss, as they are off to the right as a traveler passes by. A pull-off area is provided as a signal to tourists that something interesting is here. In the days when the Great Smoky Mountains National Park was merely a logging concern, this was the location of what might have been the only swinging rail bridge ever attempted. All the follies of man are mostly erased now, leaving these beautiful falls behind.

Printed on durable aluminum, this product comes with mounting hardware that allows it to hang approximately 3/8″ from the wall, framed by it’s own shadow. It has a clean, minimalist look that showcases the imagery.