Hi there!  I’m your Loony Chef, Chris Phillips.  I’ve been a food-service industry professional for nearly 18 years and learned to cook in my mother’s and grandmother’s kitchens starting from a very young age.  I love the artistry of food preparation and presentation.  This website is dedicated to several things.

  • I will present “adventures” periodically.  These will be detailed accounts of the preparation of a single meal, with photos, sometimes video, plenty of how-to, and of course the recipes.
  • I will promote habits, actions, events, people, and organizations which help with the issue of food insecurity, and you can find out  more about that under the heading Waste Not, Want Not.
  • I am preparing several books, all based on the common theme of thinking outside the traditional cookbook, and bringing personal artistry and creativity to the kitchen.
  • I will present a way of thinking and doing that makes food preparation simple and logical, debunking some of the silliness that gets passed off as the “culinary arts” and basically promoting the idea that anybody can do this just by learning some basic skills and techniques.

I’m a father of three nearly-grown children, married for 20+ years (to the same person), and I live in the southeastern United States.