Computer Repair Services

In my local area I do offer basic computer repair and upgrade services. I can serve anyone who lives within a 50 mile radius of zip code 35007. Services are subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • You only have to pay my fee if I can fix your problem. You do have to pay for any parts I purchase out of pocket regardless, but I do not charge a repair fee unless I can fix your computer.
  • I am not liable for *any* data loss. It’s up to you to ensure your data is safely backed up or else you assume all the risk. I am up front in my price list about what the risks for data loss can be for each sort of procedure. If I backup your data before doing any work, that is a separate procedure and carries an additional fee.
  • For each customer, I give a free diagnostic examination. Usually this takes only a few minutes but can require overnight, depending upon my workload. I will tell you what I think your computer needs and how much it will cost. You may then decide whether or not you wish to repair.
  • Payment is expected in advance for repairs, including cost of all parts. As stated above, if my repair effort fails, the repair fee portion of your payment will be refunded.
  • Payments can be made in cash, or I can accept cards in person with my card reader device, or you may use PayPal.
  • I perform all repairs in my own workshop. At present I do not offer on-site repair services.
  • For the safety of all parties, my preferred location for pickups and dropoffs is the SafeTrade station outside the Alabaster City Courthouse, which is in proximity to the police department and has 24 hour camera monitoring. With the exception of friends and family members, I am not coming to your house and you aren’t coming to mine either.


  • Routine maintenance and checkup —————————————————————- $25
     Just a “doctor visit” for your computer to make sure it’s doing good and everything is ok. Usually takes overnight and we can deliver your computer back to you the next day.   **Minimal risk of data loss**
  • Backup of data to DVD (pre-repair) ———————————————————————-$25
    I create a backup of the USERS directory of your hard drive, which contains all your files and folders, as well as any other files and folders you specify, and burn this data onto a DVD-RW disc. This is available even if your computer does not have a DVD drive.
  • Diagnostic, with refresh, restore, and defragment ———————————————$50
    This will cure about 75% of “slow computer” problems  **Small risk of data loss**
  • Simple virus/malware removal (involving 1-3 malware) ————————————– $25
    We only charge if we can fix it. No charge if we cannot.   **Medium risk of data loss**
  • Complex virus/malware removal ——————————————————————–$75
    Involving >3 malware, persistent adware, or ransomware. We charge ONLY if successful  **Substantial risk of data loss**
  • Total Wipe and Reinstall of operating system —————————————————$100
    This restores computer to factory “new” state. Requires 3 days and you must have the installation media unless your computer has a “restore” partition on it’s hard disk drive. **NOTE:Cannot guarantee file recovery**     **High Risk of Data Loss**
  • Upgrade RAM, or Optical Disk Drive (DVD, etc) ——————————————–$25 plus parts*
    **Minimal risk of data loss**
  • Upgrade Hard disk drive ————————————————————————-$50 plus parts*
    This includes migration of operating system and files from old drive.   **Medium risk of data loss**
  • Laptop Screen Replacement —————————————————————————– $50 plus parts*
  • Catastrophic file recovery –no guarantees– ———————————————–$75 if successful
    Requires at least three days **Some data loss is guaranteed**
  • Maintenance Contract ————————————————————————– $10/Mo.
    One day a month, we take your computer in, give it a good checkup, cleanout, and defrag. We backup your data. We will install software we know and trust for antivirus and anti-malware. We will also make it so we can remotely diagnose and fix any problems you may have, on the spot, without your needing to bring the computer to us (requires a working internet connection). Requirements:
    • Leave the software we have installed, intact
    • Don’t install ANYTHING without asking us first.
    • Don’t allow anyone else to try to “fix” your computer.

Breaking the Maintenance contract results in your being refunded the current month’s fee and we will, at your request, take your PC for 24 hours and remove everything we’ve put on it to facilitate the contract. There is no charge for this removal.

 *  Full disclosure on parts: I only install parts that I order myself from sources I trust. I always seek the lowest prices available for trustworthy parts, and I do add a small markup percentage to parts when I quote prices. If you have parts you need installed, I probably am not going to be able to help you, other than to guide you towards online resources where you can learn how to install them yourself.

DISCLAIMER OF DATA LOSS LIABILITY: Because of the vast number of things that can go wrong with computers, as well as the equally vast number of things that can go wrong while trying to fix them, I simply cannot guarantee that data won’t be lost while I am attempting to fix your computer.  To be clear: ALL the data might be lost. If you have not securely backed up ALL essential data in your computer before turning it over to me for repair, then you must accept that the data that was stored in your computer might be lost forever. I am not liable for *ANY* data loss and you will indemnify and hold me harmless against all claims which may result from loss of data arising out of my attempts to fix your computer. My services are contingent upon your agreement to this provision.