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What does this mean?

With respect to images and content displayed on this website, you may not copy, download, reproduce, remix, modify, create derivative works, republish, or otherwise use in any way whatsover beyond viewing them as I have published them, without the express written consent of the copyright owner(s). If I have published someone else’s work (with their consent), their rights are just as valid as are mine.

If you feel that your work has been published here without consent, you need to contact me immediately via my Ask Any Question form, so that I may address the issue and protect your rights to your property.  Know that I will ask you to provide proof of your ownership of the content.

Downloadable content sold on this website is under the same license conditions described above.

With respect to physical merchandise sold via this website: A piece of physical merchandise sold via this website consitutes a purchased copy of a protected work. You may

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  • Sell your purchased copy for any amount of money that you can get. You may also give it away to another. In either case, your license to the purchased copy transfers to the new owner.

You may not:

  • Create derivative works based upon  the purchased copy.
  • Reprint the purchased copy in any medium including republication in any form including via the internet.
  • Create new copies of your purchased copy.

Any other potential uses of the original work are reserved to the copyright owner(s).

I will vigorously defend my copyrights. Piracy is Theft. Do not steal from me.